quality, environment, safety and health at work policy

It is PROZINCO's firm intention that quality, environment, safety and health at work are key elements in the company's culture, providing the necessary means to do so and ensuring:

Satisfying the needs and expectations of customers, employees and other relevant stakeholders;an>

The formation and promotion of self-control of activities;

Promoting consultation, participation and involvement of all employees;

Promotion of an alcohol and drug-free work environment;

The promotion of safe and healthy working conditions;

A prevention culture with a view to zero accidents;

Continuous improvement of environmental performance;

The prevention of pollution and the occurrence of environmental accidents;

Compliance with legal requirements;

The existence of an emergency plan that allows evacuation in case of risk;

Compliance with the requirements of ISO 9001 and ISO 45001;

Continuous improvement of the effectiveness of quality, safety and health management systems at work.

The Manager